tdadYes, I’m one of those parents who sees their kid in a situation and says “Wait!  I have to get a picture of this first!”.  This day at     Chic fil A was no exception.

It was time to go so I told my daughter to  get her brother so we could leave.  She came back and said, “He can’t come”.  I said, “what do you mean, he can’t come?”  She said, “He’s stuck”.  He had been climbing up on the top of the slide (where he wasn’t supposed to) and slipped down into this tight spot he couldn’t get out of.  Poor guy was trying so hard but because he had his socks on, he just couldn’t get out.  I even tried to get him out and I couldn’t.  However, his big strong daddy was there and was able to lift him up with no problem.

Moral of the story….sometimes we get ourselves in situations we shouldn’t be in and aren’t able to go where God wants us to because of it.  Praise God we have a loving Father who cares about us and is always there to help us out.

“But God is my helper. The Lord keeps me alive!” – Psalm 54:4

(Disclaimer: I received my son’s permission to post this.)


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