king saulMy Pastor has been speaking on this series, “Finishing Well” for about 9 weeks now and it has been life changing.  I’ve really been enjoying it.  Matter of fact, if you’d like to check them out you can go to our church website and watch them all. 

This particular blog today is part of a challenge/contest for our Youth.  I am going to be speaking on this story on a Wednesday night (Holy Spirit help me on this!)  So I am placing a challenge on our Flipside Youth FB page.

They were given a chapter and two verses to find but not the book name.  They had to find this blog first on my website.  The first youth (age 12-18 and still in high school) to comment on the Flipside FB page with the scripture typed out receives $20!  These particular verses are advice that we should all hear from the prophet Samuel.

Okay so here it is…This morning I was reading in 1 Samuel.  My main focus was on chapters 9 – 12.  This is about when Saul meets Samuel and Samuel tells him what’s going to happen to him.

My  message will be on this.

We will cover how he was obedient to his father when his dad asked  him to go look for their lost donkeys.

How he was walking with the right people (it happened to be a servant) and he took his wise advice.

And how both of these were part of a bigger plan, to anoint him as King.

I believe this is a powerful story for our Youth to grasp.

Unfortunately, King Saul started out right, but didn’t finish well. Pride was the beginning of his end.

My heart’s desire is to see this generation of youth finish well!

(for those who want to know what they were given, it was just 12:20)

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