10-commandmentsI read this verse in Psalm 119:2 and it says, “Joyful are those who obey His laws and search for Him with all their hearts.” and I thought about how obeying God’s laws isn’t bondage or just rules we have to follow but they are so good for us. Following them would give you total peace. 

You wouldn’t be looking over your shoulder all the time worried about being caught because you lied about something or because you hurt someone or stole something (or someone). You wouldn’t be upset because you don’t have something that someone else has. You wouldn’t be tired or stressed because you’re letting yourself rest. You wouldn’t be misusing God’s name or worshiping others and then feel too ashamed to call upon Him because you were speaking badly about Him that same day.

Without all the worry and fear that sin causes, you would have more time to search for Him with all your heart and become one with God. You would be refreshed, renewed and encouraged by His Word. Full of hope, joy, love and peace.

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