Guilt_Trip_LogoFeeling guilty is something we usually cause ourselves then allow it to eat at us over and over dragging us down, beating us up, making us feel worthless and useless.  If you are in a constant mind frame of feeling guilty about something you don’t fully understand the love and mercy God has for you.  And if you don’t grasp this love, you will shy away from God, unable to be used by Him.   Sounds like the enemy’s plan, if you ask me.

Have you ever GIVEN someone a guilt trip?  My children can attest to that!  When we make people feel guilty about something it’s usually for selfish gain.  My goal, after reading this scripture, is to never send them on that trip again!

“If they(the sacrifices) could have provided perfect cleansing, the sacrifices would have stopped, for the worshipers would have been purified once for all time, and their feelings of GUILT would have disappeared.” – Hebrews 10:2

So it says that if the sacrifices they had to make in the old testament provided perfect cleansing, their feelings of guilt would have disappeared.  That means that the sacrifice of Jesus, that DOES provide perfect cleansing, removes our feelings of guilt completely, right?  So when I am continuing to feel guilty over something I have done, I am not receiving that complete forgiveness that Jesus died for.  And when I am making someone ELSE feel guilty about something, I am being used to try and steal their forgiveness.  Yikes! I really want nothing to do with that.

Yes, I am guilty of giving my kids a guilt trip, but I have been forgiven of it and plan to do it no more!

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