ruth-bible-book-wordcloudI’ve always enjoyed the story of Ruth.  I love  when she says, “where you go, I’ll go” and “your God will be my God”.  I’ve just always read it as a story of faithfulness and following God’s will no matter what.

Today before I began reading Ruth for the umpteenth time, I asked God to reveal something to me that I’ve never seen before.  Maybe this has been obvious to others, but it was new to me so I thought I’d share.

First He showed me that Ruth’s sister in law, Orpah represents all of those who turn away from Jesus to follow their own ways.  She is never mentioned again after she goes back.

Naomi represents those who tell us about Jesus.  It could be your grandparents, parents, teachers, pastor or friends.  They teach us who He is, why He is important, and what it takes to come into a relationship with Him.

Then Ruth, she represents those who leave their old life behind, choosing an unknown path to pursue their Redeemer.

In complete humbleness, Ruth lays at the feet of her redeemer, Boaz.  She is accepted as his bride and as a bonus, she has access to all that he has.

When we humble ourselves and lay our lives down at the feet of Jesus, He WILL redeem you, you WILL become His bride and you WILL inherit all that He has.

And by the way…Ruth and Boaz have a son named Obed.  In Hebrew his name means servant and worshiper.

When you die to your old self and join with your Redeemer, a servant worshiper comes forth – Hallelujah!


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