proverbs 22 6I just watched Mom’s Night Out for the third time and I just absolutely love everything about that movie!  I think I laughed even harder the last time, even through all the bonus features!

Of course, as a homeschool mom, I loved the fact that the directors of this film are homeschoolers and that they give credit to their mom and their homeschooling for their becoming filmmakers.  Because of their homeschooling, they had more flexibility in their schedules and were able to pursue a passion they had, at an early age.  You can watch their short story here along with a trailer to the movie.

There are a lot of reasons people give in favor of homeschooling but I’d have to say that one of my favorites is being able to focus on my kids’ main interests; it makes school exciting for them and in turn, easier for me!  Of course, I teach them the basics: math, reading, writing, science, social studies, etc., but at home I can spend most of the time on things that are more interesting to them, and it has changed through the years.  My son wanted to read, so that’s the first thing we did and he was reading at a 2nd grade level at age 5. Then he wanted to type, so we worked on that and he’s pretty good at it already.  He’s 7 now and he is really interested in science. He wants to invent things so we’re doing experiments and will be working with electronics.  He’s learning how to build circuit boards! He also wants to learn the drums and is very talented already (so daddy, the drummer, gets to be his music teacher).

I don’t know exactly what God has planned for my children, but I do know that God has put desires in their hearts.  And just as the Mom’s Night Out brothers had a love for film-making, my children are going to have a love for something in particular.  And with them at home, I can recognize it and teach them according to those desires and see them prosper in those areas of their life.

Now, I’m not at all saying that if you don’t homeschool you can’t help your child pursue his dreams.  This isn’t about whether you should or shouldn’t homeschool.  Matter of fact, three out of the 5 of us in our family graduated from public schools and we turned out pretty great. This is just MY main reason for homeschooling now and I’d love to hear from other parents on why you homeschool (as long as it’s not just because you hate public schools). 😉

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

There are a lot of reasons people give in favor of homeschooling but I’d have to say that one of my favorites is being able to focus on my kids’ main interests; it makes school exciting for them and in turn, easier for me!

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  1. This too is my favorite and first reason I bring up when promoting homeschool. I think the little guilty pleasure about it is getting to sleep in a little if we need to. But I see it gets up earlier in a desire to have a day that full of learning whether it be in the books or outside in the fresh air. And let’s not forget the time spent together, working together, sharing together and learning together that leads to really getting to know the depth of my daughter.

    1. Oh yes, those are definitely great perks of homeschooling! Sleeping in and spending that time together that we can never get back. Thanks Lisa!

  2. I want to homeschool because I feel like God equipped me with the capabilities (even though sometimes I don’t feel like it) to know my children better than strangers. They might respond in a specific way that I need to deal with as a mom and I would not be able to if they were at public school. There will be many lessons that I would have the possibility and availability to teach that I would not be able to if I was not around my kids all day. Of course, I am NOT saying that kids who grew up in public school have not learned good life lessons. Or did not have a good parents. That is not what I’m saying at all. I’m just saying God placed it on my heart because I feel that I personally need to be the one to teach my kids.

  3. Keesha,
    I totally forgot about how much better we are than a stranger to teach our child according to who they are. That was a reason we pulled my daughter out of a homeschool/private school. (a blended model where she went 2days a week and we did the rest at home)
    My daughter is very sensitive emotionally and the teacher wasnt sensitive to that. Who better to teach her than her own parents who really know who she is and how she will deal with things??

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