Finish-the-Race-Acts-2024Ever lose that burning passion to follow God? That desire to rise up early in the morning, seek Him and then pursue every unbeliever you know?

Don’t you ever just want to go back to the “easy life” where you were free to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted.  Ever miss those times where everyone was your “best” friend and you had plenty because you were in with the crowd, and you all had each other’s backs?

Don’t you sometimes miss where doing “whatever” caused you to wake up with a crazy hangover that you got to brag to all your “best” friends about?  And since you could do it whenever you wanted you were up until 4 am but it was okay because you didn’t have to be at work until 6.  And don’t you miss when your “best” friend stole your boyfriend and it was cool because then you could share both of their dirty secrets with all your other “best” friends?

Don’t you ever just wish you could go back to those days of innocent fun?  Those days where you didn’t feel like you were offending people with your beliefs.  Besides, you weren’t hurting anyone but yourself. Well, except your friends, your parents, possibly your kids and spouse (or future ones), your “best” friend and ex-boyfriend, your employer, oh and every person you could have led to salvation. But really no one else was affected.  So don’t you want to go back to those days?

Sadly, some of you are still saying yes.  Hopefully more of you are saying no.  I’m not sure what your answer is, but I know mine and I shall not be like a dog returning to it’s vomit or a washed pig that returns to the mud.  (2 Peter 2:22)

I choose to stay on the course set before me and finish the race on fire for Christ.  I will not lose my passion, I will not desire the things of this world and I will guard myself and my family from allowing any evil into our home.  I will show my children the love of the Father.  I will teach them His ways, I will direct them onto the right path so that when they are older they will not leave it. (Proverbs 22:6)  When criticism comes, I will hold strong to my faith and my convictions and I WILL hear the words, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant!”

Don’t lose sight of what is to come!

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