engagement ringAfter you get engaged to that “special someone”, do you then just ignore them, go about doing you’re own thing, even dating other people until the wedding date?  I mean, you already have the ring and you know it’s a done deal so do you really need to waste the engagement period getting to know them better? You’re going to spend the rest of your life with them anyway, right? Besides, you have mutual friends who can tell you about them.  Matter of fact, it was a family member who introduced you, so they probably know enough about them to keep you in the loop.

However, if this is the case then the first good looking, sweet talking thing that comes along and offers you everything you ever dreamed of, will easily make you forget about your first love. They could and probably would even convince you to call off your engagement.

Many Christians are doing this exact same thing with Jesus. They become His bride, they know they are secure to live with Him forever and that’s good enough for them.  They go about the rest of their lives here on earth ignoring Him, doing their own thing, and worshiping others. They are satisfied with just hearing about Christ through other people instead of spending time with Him themselves. They know nothing about their Groom and how He feels towards them.  They have no idea the depth of His love nor the home He has prepared for them.

So tell me this…how easy is it going to be for some sly charming individual to convince you that they can give you the life you’ve always dreamed of and all you have to do is denounce Christ?  How easily will you be deceived if you don’t really know the heart of your Lord?  And how can you know THAT if you’re not spending time with Him?

The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  Just because you have believed on Jesus Christ doesn’t mean the devil is through with you. There was a video out just recently where someone was forced to deny Christ so that his life would be spared.  He did it, he denounced Jesus Christ and guess what…his life was NOT spared.  Had he known for certain the eternal life God had waiting for him, would he have chosen this life over it?

I pray that this time never comes for any of us but it is getting closer and closer to home.  I would rather be a prepared bride, getting to know my groom, falling in love with Him more every minute and looking forward to my wedding day with every ounce of my being.  I don’t want to leave even a chance of someone trying to convince me not to show up.

Let us be glad and rejoice,and let us give honor to Him. For the time has come for the wedding feast of the Lamb, and his bride has prepared herself.Revelations 19:7

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