wolfWe are not supposed to fear, but we constantly make it an option and it’s an option that we choose over and over.

A storm comes along, our boat begins filling up with water and fear tries to jump right in there with it.  We can choose not to allow it in but sometimes we invite it.

Fear is just an obstacle trying to stop us from doing something that God wants us to do.  If we allow fear to win, we lose. If we decide to go against that fear and do what God wants us to, it’s a victory.

I was reading in Ezra this morning and this line stuck out to me.  EVEN THOUGH the people were afraid of the local residents, they rebuilt the altar at its old site. Then they began to sacrifice burnt offerings on the altar to the Lord each morning and evening.” – Ezra 3:3  These people felt as though they had a reason to fear, BUT they didn’t allow it to stop them from doing God’s work.

One Sunday, I asked a young man on our children’s worship team to say the closing prayer.  I knew he had it in him, yet he was so frightened that he turned red and began sweating.  He just couldn’t get himself to do it.  Right after church though, he told me that he regretted not praying because public speaking was his worst fear and he wished he had faced it.  A couple weeks later, I approached him again with the same opportunity.  He stood  there in front of all the children…completely silent… for a good couple minutes with the mic in his hand.  He was extremely nervous, however, this time he didn’t allow fear to win.  He handed the mic back to me and prayed without it.  But even the people in the very back could hear him.  It was short but it was bold and that day…that young man had a victory for God!

I pray that you will choose TODAY that FEAR will not be an option anymore.

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