feministrage“I’m just really irritable right now!” I think we’ve all said this at one time or another and really felt that way.  So what is irritable?  I looked it up and the definition says:  Having or showing a tendency to be easily annoyed or made angry; bad-tempered, short-tempered, touchy, grumpy, grouchy, or moody.

Jesus says we are supposed to love and 1 Corinthians13:5 says that love is not irritable.  Therefore, we are not supposed to be easily annoyed, grumpy or moody.

What?!  That’s impossible right!? I mean, we ARE human and those things DO happen.  We get grumpy, we lose our temper, we argue, and hey….as a woman, when it’s that certain time of the month…I have a RIGHT to be moody!  Am I WRONG??

Actually, yes I am.  Being irritable is a CHOICE (the wrong choice), not being irritable is a COMMAND.  And it’s a good command.  We need to learn to move on if we find ourselves becoming irritable.

I was reading this story about Isaac in  Genesis 26.  His servants had dug in the valley and discovered fresh water, but the shepherds came and there was an argument over it.  So they moved on and dug another well but then there was a dispute over that one too which caused hostility.  Again, they moved on and dug another well.  This time there was no dispute, there was open space, and they could prosper.

Isaac obviously knew there were better things out there so these wells weren’t worth the arguing and hostility.

You see, we can CHOOSE to stay in the mindset of being moody, annoyed or grumpy but we are CALLED to move on.  There is a life of blessings just waiting for you. Don’t allow irritability to get a hold of you.  Let things go, it’s not worth it.  LOVE EACH OTHER instead!

“Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged.” – 1 Corinthians 13:5

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