lazyWe were at the library with our kids the other day and my son and I were looking at the “Build A Brain Learning Kits”.  They are bags designed around different subjects, ie: magnets, light, addition, etc. They each include several books on the subject as well as an activity with objects.

We came across the one about Gravity and my son said excitedly, “Ooh gravity!  Let’s get that one!”  So I opened it up to look through the contents and there were a couple different sized rubber balls. (I’m assuming they were to drop and see which ones would fall the fastest.)  Anyway, I said to my son, “Okay, we’ll get it, but you have to make sure Sparky (our dog) doesn’t get a hold of these.”   He simply said, “Never mind then” and moved on to a different bag he had already checked out before.

Later I was thinking about this and I was disappointed in myself for letting him bow out so quickly.  Gravity was something he was obviously interested in, however, when he realized bringing that bag home might cause a little effort on his part, he chose something he was more familiar with.  He took the easy road, and I let him!

I don’t want my son to learn to take the easy way out.  I want him to know that things worth learning about,  worth doing,  worth having…may take some effort and hard work.

Christianity isn’t easy.  Living a life for Christ wholeheartedly takes effort.  Following Jesus and sharing His truth, it takes heart…it takes courage…and it takes dedication…but it’s WORTH IT!  There is no time to say, “never mind to Christianity” and return to the path we’ve already been down.

Needless to say, my son WILL be learning about gravity AND how to defend those balls so they don’t become chew toys!

“Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper.”Proverbs 13:4