cookieI was sitting across from a 2 year old little boy and his grandpa the other day.  They were eating and his grandpa said, “Wow, he’s really good…he’s eating all the other stuff and hasn’t even touched his cookie!”  His mom looks over at him and grins.  She says, “That’s only because he hasn’t tasted it yet.”

As soon as she said it, immediately something dropped in my Spirit.  I saw that cookie as the Word of God.  It’s there…it’s RIGHT THERE for any of us to grab a hold of and enjoy.  Yet so many people aren’t experiencing how delightful it is because they just haven’t tasted it yet. They just don’t know.   So his grandpa put it in front of his grandson’s mouth and said, “Here try this, it’s really good!”

As believers, that’s what we need to be doing…we need to be putting the Word of God in front of people and telling them how great it is.  Show them God’s promises and provisions.  Don’t just sling around “Thou shalt not this, thou shalt not that”.    People need to know how GOOD God’s word is or they won’t have any desire to taste it.

I’m pretty sure once he got a hold of that cookie, nothing else on that plate was going to taste quite as good!

“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!” – Psalms 34:8

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