young-women-reflection-of-christI spoke at a lady’s conference this weekend titled “Reflections, Mirroring The Face Of Christ”

The message the Lord gave me was “How Much Time Are You Spending In The Mirror”

So I shared a few things about car mirrors and how they relate to our lives.  Rearview Mirrors, Sideview Mirrors, and Vanity Mirrors as well as the only mirror that really matters, our spiritual mirror, the Word of God.  I ended my message with this poem and I just wanted to share it with you.

The Story Inside

We can spend eternity – reflecting on what cannot be
Wishing what we see in there – is different eyes or different hair
Hours spent on how we look – and it’s just the COVER of the book
And all the while, the story inside – is continuing to be denied
No idea of what’s to come – just reflecting back on where we’re from
Or basing our lives off someone else – while our book sits upon the shelf
Paying absolutely no attention to – what the Author wrote….about you!
We’re afraid to look inside and see –
“What could He be saying about me?”
We think we’ve messed up because of our own free will –
but that’s why your story’s being written still
So let me ask you this my friend –
how do you think your story will end?
And which mirror is going to get you there? –
The one that reflects your perfect hair?
Or the mirror that shows you every single regret –
every sin every pain that we try to forget
Will it be the mirror that only lets you see –
everyone else that you want to be?
No, the only mirror that will show you the truth –
is the one that reflects Who is INSIDE of you.
The story that the Author has yet to unfold –
won’t be judged by the cover, so let it be told.
Dig into His word, get down on your knees –
look inside that reflection and see what HE sees!
You’re story’s amazing, the ending is grand –
because it’s being written by Your Father’s hand.

Proverbs 27:19 As a face is reflected in water,
so the heart reflects the real person.


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