What Happened To Truth?

There are so many lies out there now…it’s really hard to say what is true and what isn’t.  Who is telling the truth…who is lying and who thinks they are telling the truth but in actuality, is spreading lies?

Turn on the news….what do we get?  Truth…. or lies?  Who really knows? Turn on your favorite preacher….is everything he says true? How do we know for sure?

So where do we go for truth?  Do we shine light on the lies to reveal truth or does that just bring focus and attention to it?

Just throwing this out there…..but could it be that we go directly to the source? Not the source of the lie….but to the source of truth!

I have a Father, a Best Friend, and a Comforter who I know for a fact can only speak what is TRUE!  THEY are my source.  That’s where I want to go for the facts.  My heart is filled with so much peace when I go to Jesus and allow Him to show me truth.  God is faithful to His Word. When it’s from the Holy Spirit, it is always filled with love and joy.  It gives me peace, not confusion.  I am patient in knowing when to speak.  Kindness  and goodness flow from my lips in a gentle way. I am full of self control and my heart is full of compassion and unity not torment or strife.

You can always find lies if you’re looking for them.  You will always believe lies if your seeking them.  Lies have never set anyone free.

So what would happen if we are just searching for truth?  We will find it and we will believe it and we will be set free!

“Jesus said to the people who believed in Him, “You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings.  And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”John 8:31-32

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2 thoughts on “What Happened To Truth?”

  1. This is wonderful! The strength, stability and security that come from the Word is priceless. You’re right we do not need to tackle or discern every lie….simply live in the Truth! He is LIFE! And how very much we welcome the staff of the good Shepherd after we’ve come on contact with a wolf!

    1. Praise God Shelly! Thank you for the feedback. Seeking the truth is the only thing that has given me peace…in every situation. Thank You Jesus!

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