If You Can’t Run With The Big Dogs….Let The Big Dog In You Come Out!

All I can be….is me and that’s what God wants.  Matter of fact, He said so. One day He said to me, “My eyes….make them shine.  My hands…make them glow.  You are my light…just BE IT!  You don’t have to DO, you have to BE.  A football just has to be a football and when it is thrown into the game, it serves it’s purpose just by being a football.  Grass is just grass.  It doesn’t try to DO anything, it just IS and it serves it’s purpose.  Just be, Angela. Stop trying to DO and just BE.  You are enough.  I made You in my image.”

That was a few days ago then today I was watching my tiny Dachshund (Charlie) running around the backyard with my huge Pyrenees/Border Collie (Sparky) and I hear God say, “My Word is enough and You are enough. Again, Ang – just BE.  Be You – no one else.”.  And God starts showing me how Charlie likes to walk around and show people that he is a really big dog in a little body. I hear the Holy Spirit say, “You have a big God in your little body, Charlie isn’t walking around trying to make you THINK he’s a big dog.  He’s just being him and he KNOWS that IN him is the same courage and strength as Sparky so he fears nothing!  Walk tall with your head high believing that all the strength and courage You need is IN you…because I am in YOU!”

So here’s my conclusion….I’m done wondering what I need to be doing. I’m just going to focus on being me and I KNOW that God will fulfill His purpose through me like that.  He made me ME for a reason.  I don’t have to figure it all out, I just have to know who I am and Be it!  I am a child of God made in His image and I am absolutely loved and adored by Him! That’s good enough for me!

But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God. – John 1:12

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