“The World Is Like A Hologram”

I received this word from the Lord on July 2nd after asking Him what He wanted me to share with the children at our church that morning. I felt led to share it with our congregation as well and a couple people asked for a copy of it so I’m going to share it here. I found it interesting that today on Klove they were talking about how in 10 years, televisions would be obsolete and replaced with holographic glasses instead.
Here’s the word.
“I want them to know the truth. The truth is I set them free! They are Mine but they have a choice to be accepted by Me or not. If they choose to be Mine they get to experience on Earth everything that I have stored up for them in Heaven. All the treasures are theirs! A life worth living is only lived as My child! The world and all its “amazement and wonder” has nothing to offer you. It’s like a hologram, you see it and you want it and it looks so awesome then when you finally get to it it’s fake and empty. Please Don’t Run Away chasing things that were never made for you. Matter of fact, they were designed to hurt you and lead you away from Me. Taste and see that what I have for you is good!”

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