Self-Made Success And Proud Of It!

One day a boy and his dad were building a tree house together. The boy was trying to carry the heavy wooden planks but he kept dropping them.  His dad offered to help and his son replied, “No dad, I got it!” He struggled and struggled until finally asking, “Dad…can you grab a couple of these?”  His dad smiled and helped.  They began working (his dad teaching him how to safely use the saw) and they built a beautiful tree house together! However, the ladder was built too high up on the tree.  The boy jumped as high as he could and yet he couldn’t reach it.  Finally the boy asked…”Dad, can you lift me up?”  The dad replied, “Of course, and while you’re up there how about I add another step to the ladder?”

A couple weeks went by and they were playing at the beach together. The boy was building a sand castle, but with every attempt he made, the castle continued to fall. He tried and tried to do it all by himself but finally had to ask his daddy for help. Dad showed him how to add a little more water and put a little more force behind it and they built the best castle on the beach that day!

Years went by and this determined young man continued to try and do everything without the help of his father.  His dad was always there and willing to help but gave his boy the freedom to try things on his own.  The boy was growing more and more independent as the years went by and with every self-made accomplishment, he grew further and further away from the close relationship he and his dad once had.

The boy grew up to be an owner of a large construction company.  He was very proud of his accomplishments and asked his dad to come visit a building they were in the process of constructing.  As the dad and his son were walking through the construction site, a crane operator accidently released a giant beam from above that came crashing down on top of his son.  He was trapped and the dad was unable to reach him.  Still a determined and stubborn young man, he believed he had enough strength on his own to push the beam off of him.  His dad was standing along the side yelling, “Give me your hand! I can pull you out!”  His son, replied, “I got this dad!”  Yet with every effort the boy made…his dad could hear his son’s breath getting less and less. The dad stood there helpless, panicking and full of fear he cried out, “Son!  Reach out your hand!”  The boy pushed out enough breath to say, “I made it this far without you.”  The dad was now crushed…he dropped to his knees, tears rolling down his face and with one last attempt said, “Son, I can’t help, if you won’t let me!”

Bones could now be heard cracking. Severe pain and immense pressure now leaving the boy almost breathless he flashed back to his dad teaching him how to build a tree house, how to make a sand castle that would stand, and many other moments that actually formed him into the man he was.  His pride now stricken from him, he gained enough strength to reach his hand out from under the beam.  His dad’s eyes opened wide and without hesitation pulled his son out into the safety of his arms!

Matthew 16:25 If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it.

Psalm 57:2 I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfill His purpose for me.

Our Heavenly Father has created you and molded you for a purpose but He will never force His will upon you, yet He will always be there to help you when you allow Him too!  Don’t ever forget the One who placed your gifts and talents inside of you.

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