About Me


Writing my first poem in the 5th grade, I skipped recess in the excitement to finish it! Ever since, I have been writing encouraging and inspiring words for people. (At least I hope they encourage and inspire). But I have also discovered that there are no words that can bring encouragement and inspiration like the Word of God. So this blog mostly consists of words that were revealed to me during my time spent in the Bible, God’s Word, the absolute truth.

God has given me a desire to encourage people so I began this (ad-free) blog in obedience to Him.  God is my Father, Jesus is my Savior, and the Holy Spirit is my Guide. I pray that this blog will glorify God first and foremost. I pray that every post will be led by the Holy Spirit and I pray that I will be a humble representative of our Lord Jesus Christ who lives inside this heart of a Pastor’s wife.

My Family

My name is Angela Logan.  My husband and I serve at Shekinah Fellowship Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as the Associate Pastors.

God placed me in this position with Reese in 2004 shortly after I met him at a Christian event and we got married six weeks later! It has been one amazing journey!

God has blessed our marriage as we stand firmly on the belief that if we both love God first and seek Him continually, we can’t help but grow closer to one another.

Not only do we pray together daily but we make it a point to pray together over every major as well as minor decision. We stand united in ministry at home and at church. “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord” – Joshua 24:15

God has blessed us with three children and a son-in-love:

Our eldest, and very independent daughter, Laci, loves to make people smile, she has a license in Cosmetology, is a leader in our Youth Group, and a very hard worker.  She is married to our Son-In-Love, Christian Behney, an amazing man of God who also serves as a leader in our Youth Group and works along side our daughter in their two jobs.  They became one in June of 2015.

Our middle child, our son, Trinidad, is probably the funniest kid/person I have ever had the privilege of knowing! He loves to make people laugh, he wants to invent anything that’s never been invented, and he loves playing the drums like his Dad.  He has his own YouTube page called Kid Comedian 4 Christ.  Check him out here!

Our youngest daughter, Sky, is very independent as well, she’s 6 going on 16. She has had a desire to be a missionary since she was 4 and has already started on the mission field by blessing everyone she sees. She can’t pass up a worker at the drive thru or restaurant, or a grocery store cashier, etc without giving them a compliment and a smile.  She loves to dance and she also loves to give out fist bumps to the elders at church.

I hope you enjoy this blog and are inspired and encouraged.  If so, please subscribe and you will receive an email every time I update my blog.


Angela Logan


Encouraging words to inspire, motivate, and draw you closer to God